About Wholesale

About Wholesale

TOKYO FOOD is the pioneer of Japanese Food in New Zealand International Development: We Provide Services Beyond Borders

We provide importation of wholesale & retail food, liquor and consumer products with nationwide delivery.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality of Japanese products to New Zealand, Australia and all Oceania regions.

Our corporate philosophy is customer first. Japan is renowned for its incredibly polished customer service which we also value as our corporate philosophy. Together with exceeding consumers expectations, we also place value in our suppliers who play an important role at every stage of the product life cycle.

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We offer an extensive range of high-quality Japanese products, working closely alongside Japan’s leading suppliers

Our range of products include:

• Key Ingredients for Japanese Cuisine: Soy Sauce, Wasabi and Rice
• Agricultural, Forestry and Fisher Products
• High-Quality Frozen Products: Fish and Vegetables
• Alcoholic Beverages: Sake and Shochu
• Appliances & Equipment for Restaurants

Quality controlled imported products you can trust

General Products

Frozen Products


Beverages and Tea

Food Packaging


Great service is more than providing high quality products, fast and safe delivery is also our utmost priority

  • Strict security checks are required for every import into New Zealand, so we follow precise regulations for every process.
  • We ensure appropriate handlings of sales with our advanced protocols and annually conduct warehousing assessments for safety control.
  • As a certified distributor in New Zealand with a unique delivery system we promise to continue to provide the best quality Japanese products in New Zealand.
Certificate of AdvantageTM Approved Supplier Programme
Certificate of AdvantageTM 
Approved Supplier Programme

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We service retail stores, restaurants,
and wholesale distributors across New Zealand.

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