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Since 1987, when we started our business, we've devoted ourselves to the development of food culture in New Zealand as a Japanese food pioneer carrying the company principle "Customer-first policy" at all times.
As a pioneer who has started from scratch and built up the Japanese food distribution business here in New Zealand, we strongly feel from our experiencethat, in the world, there is high demand for Japanese food, and this demand is increasing and will be in the future. With many new customers registeringwith us every year, our client list now reaches over 2000, and we sincerely would like to express our appreciation to all our customers.
In recent years, we have started to implement in Australia what we developed in New Zealand, which we are seeing growing the fruits steadily.
We are proud of the role we play in supporting the Japanese food culture in Oceania region and will continue to strive as a "Total producer of Japanese food" who can "Run" "Hit" and "Field". TOKYO FOOD Group will unite and do our best for the spread of Japanese food to meet the expectations of our customers.
We greatly appreciate your support, as always.
Managing director
Harumasa Murayama
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